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Terms For Supply of Goods

  • The Price for any Goods shall be the Price set out in any Quotation or Order.
  • Prices can change if there are any changes in price from the vendor between inquiry and order.
  • Motoworks reserves the right to change the Price set out in any Quotation or Order if the Customer requests a variation to the Goods set out in the Quotation or Order.
  • Motoworks reserves the right to vary the Price in the event of any error.
Terms of Payment
  • Payments for all goods sold by Motoworks are to be made in Advance/ Partial Advance/ Terms agreed with Motoworks representative in writing.
  • All costs incurred by Motoworks, because of a default by the Customer, shall be payable by the Customer.
  • Payment shall be made by cash, cheque, bank cheque, direct credit, or by any other method agreed between the Customer and Motoworks.
  • Payment (other than in cash) shall not be deemed to be made until the payment has been honored, cleared, or recognized and the customer will remain liable for payment until payment is received by us.
  • Delivery of the Goods to the Customer’s Premises is considered as delivery to the Customer.
  • Motoworks may at its discretion charge the Customer for delivery costs incurred by the Carrier and these charges may be subject to change.
  • Dates for delivery of Goods and provision of Services are given in good faith and are not to be treated as a condition of sale or purchase.
  • Motoworks and the Customer agree that ownership of the Goods shall not pass until the Customer has paid Motoworks the Price payable for the Goods.
Payment Allocation
  • Motoworks may, in its discretion, allocate any payment received from the Customer towards pending dues.
  • The Customer shall inspect the Goods on delivery and shall within five (5) days of delivery (time being of the essence) notify Motoworks of any defect which should be clearly visible, shortage in quantity, damage, or failure to comply with the description or Quotation.
Suitability, Warranties and Liability in respect of Goods
  • Where applicable, the manufacturer’s warranties will attach to the Goods.
  • Where Goods supplied are defective in terms of any condition warranty or guarantee or otherwise do not conform to the Order, Motoworks will at its discretion replace or repair any faulty Goods or pay the cost of replacing them, but only if a claim is made by the Customer within five days (5) of delivery of the Goods time being of the essence.
Returns and Credits
  • The Customer shall not be entitled to return Goods, cancel an Order, or expect Credits other than as allowed.
  • The Customer is required to discuss the products to be returned with their Motoworks representative in the first instance.
  • Credits will not be issued for goods returned without the knowledge of a Motoworks representative. Credits will not be issued for stock sold more than 1 month prior.
  • All returned cartons must contain the correct inner quantity and be totally fit for resale. We will not accept cartons that have notes written directly on the exterior, and the product must be returned in the original carton.
  • We maintain strict physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards to protect your user Information including your personal information from unauthorized or inappropriate access. We follow generally accepted standards to collect, store and protect personal data, including the use of encryption through technology partners.